The Refugee Crisis Remains A Concern For George Soros

The financial expert George Soros has recently become more concerned than ever before with the problems facing refugees around the world, who he has been attempting to assist in living better lives through his own Open Society Foundations. Politico reports George Soros has even gone so far as to miss the conformation of Democrat nominee for President Hillary Clinton’s acceptance of the nomination at the Democratic convention in 2016 in a bid to remain updated in real time of the issues facing refugees around the world; Soros has been a major critic of many nations, including the U.S. and members of the European Union who he feels could do more to assist refugees as they seek a better life away from oppressive political regimes.

In a recent Discover the Networks article the history of George Soros was revealed to include his own refugee story that took him across Europe following a period of World War II when the Soros family was forced to hide their true Jewish identity. George Soros is a native of Hungary and was still living in his home country when Nazi forces occupied the nation in 1943 and forced George Soros’ father to hide his family members with sympathetic Christian families; at the close of World War II the arrival of a Communist regime in Hungary forced George Soros to make a drastic decision and begin a refugee journey that would take him across Europe to the U.K. and then on to New York. Both his time at the London school of Economics and living and working in New York informed the future direction Soros would take as a philanthropist as he explored left leaning political ideas that have become the backbone of his work as one of the world’s leading charitable donors. Visit his profile on

Helping refugees as they embark on and complete their journey to safety and freedom has become a major part of the life and work of Soros who has gone so far as to formulate his own plans for developing a dedicated plan for easing the passage of refugees crossing into Europe from the Middle East. Forbes recently revealed the development of a new plan from George Soros and his team at the Open Society Foundations that will provide $500 million in funding for a scheme that will provide funding for refugees looking to start their own business enterprises when they arrive in their new community; Soros believes this will not only aid the individual refugee but also the transition into their a new community that may have concerns about new arrivals in their area.