Elysium Health Offers Anti-Aging Pill, Basis

What is Elysium Health?

Well, let’s begin with an idea. Is there a supplement out there that doesn’t raise the eyebrow of curiosity? Is it safe, or just as importantly, does it do what it says it will? There is an important supplement out there, provided by Elysium that can help people combat aging. It is a pill. It is called Basis.

Basis is a once daily supplement, which ultimately supports our health on a cellular level. But many supplements today don’t work for people because many do not contain what they display. Many times, the benefits of taking these supplements can be a mixed bag.

Elysium is trying to change the raised eyebrow. It started after three professionals came together; Eric Marcotulli, partner at Sequoia; Dan Alminana, former vice president, JP Morgan; Leonard Guarente, MIT Professor.

Elysium focuses on supplements. Supplements are known to cover everything from multivitamin daily intake as well as those unknown and unpronounceable ingredients that are on food shelves at most local grocery stores. But it is important to remember that supplements don’t get rid of disease or sickness, making many not as strictly regulated as prescription drugs.

The Elysium team believes that good long term health essentially begins in the cells. They put emphasis on their products saying they contain what is said on the label. The supplements are also tested for efficacy and safety.

Most should pay attention to what Elysium is doing. The team takes the latest aging and health research, translating what they learn into healthy products for consumers, who can ultimately benefit today.

What is it about the pill, Basis? It is not necessarily the “fountain of youth,” but their cellular health pill and the creation of Basis has been led by a Scientific Advisory Board, comprised of seven Nobel Peace Prize winners in the areas of biochemistry, complex chemical systems and neuroscience.

Basis exists, according to Elysium because of a coenzyme inside each of our cells called NAD+ or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, which diminishes with age and involved with metabolism. If you haven’t given Elysium a look, you should. They provide an anti-aging pill that will really do the trick!

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