Orange Coast College

Orange coast college (OCC) is one of the nation’s largest and most beautiful community institution in Costa Mesa, a few minutes’ drive from the awesome southern California beaches. It was founded in the year 1947 with its classes commencing in the next year after founding. Over the years, the number of students enrolled has rapidly increased, and now, more than 25000 students join the college each semester. OCC has exceptional facilities and uses edge cutting technology in learning. The college renders academic and career programs exceeding 135 including even the nation’s most acclaimed public nautical programs. The college promotes students development through fostering a respectful, supportive and equitable climate of student engagement and academic inquiry. OCC ranks among the leading community colleges in the number of students it transfers to the University of California as well as other education systems in California. The e-learning system inherent in the school caters for those who would like to study online. OCC has active clubs, competitive sports teams, and a vibrant Student Body Association. For over six decades, the championship tradition of the college athletics has been engraved by the athletes of the past, is still and will be practiced by athletes of the college. Learn more:

One of the core functions of Orange Coast College is community outreach. One of the recent activities involving community is the support Denova home receives from architecture students at the college. A class of over 40 students visited an onsite two model homes as well as the active construction sites at Aura and stylish home in Costa Mesa as well. Aura features three-floor plans each having 3 to 4 bedrooms including a study room. The apartments have elegant exteriors and a modern farmhouse and plantation. The impressive interiors feature excellent finishes like the tiled floor, shaker-style designer cabinets and many other choices of available finish packages hence buyers can customize spaces that would suit their needs, tastes and preferences. Denova Homes was just the best choice to get students accustomed to the field of architecture. This company has earned a high accolade when it comes to homebuilding, definitely, such a high standard comes from the expertise and experience in the field.