Waiakea Water Creates First Degradable Plastic Water Bottle

Waiakea Water has been known as one of the most environmentally friendly natural bottled water manufacturers in the world since the company began in 2012. The company’s most recent development puts it light years ahead of its bottled water competition and any plastic manufacture in the world.

Chemists working with Waiakea Water delved deep into the chemical structure of plastic to find a means to prevent the long life span of discarded plastic water bottles. Pollution of even the most remote areas of the world by plastic has become a major environmental concern.

The key to plastics 1,500 year life is crosslink density. Companies have approached the problem by using other materials that are degradable. Most manufacturers seek to make plastic stronger. Waiakea Water found that the addition of a specialized nanoparticle to the plastic chemistry produced a strong polymer that degraded in 15 years.

This radical change in plastic chemistry has been patented. The plastic is not plastic. The new polymer is a wax that is reduced to Earth friendly molecules in one percent of the time that it takes for plastic to degrade. The cost of adding the nanoparticles does not increase the cost of the plastic. The new plastic can be recycled in the same way as other drink bottle plastics are at present.

Ryan Emmons created Waiakea Water in 2012. The idea behind the business was to create a completely sustainable bottle that was manufactured with an environmentally friendly process. The drive for the idea was the backlash from people who drank bottled water and who had abandoned bottles due to record pollution due to plastics. The availability of a self-replenishing source of extremely healthy volcanic water was also a factor.

The bottles are made completely from recycled plastic bottles. The water reproduces itself from rain in 30 days. The source is practically infinite at 1.4 billion gallons per day. The energy used in shipping the water to a packaging facility in California if offset by the collection process.

The idea worked extraordinarily well. The business grew 4,000 percent in five years and is valued at $10 million in 2017. Emmons was 22 years old when he began the operation. Waiakea Water is ranked as the number one volcanic bottled water in the world.

Waiakea Water is naturally alkaline. High alkalinity has been shown to balance the body’s chemistry and helps prevent some diseases. The high silica content in the water has been associated with the prevention of Alzheimer’s. Emmons shares his good fortune by donating part of his profits to a charity partner called PumpAid that gives water to people in Africa where clean water is scarce.