Securus Technologies: Leaders in both prison communication technologies and crime prevention

Securus Technologies the nationwide leader in prison communications technologies is a Better Business Bureau A+ business. Given their emphasis on customer relations and revolutionizing the industry, this was not surprising. However, I was surprised to read recent ┬ácustomer reviews. Securus Industries has received thousands of letters and emails regarding their products. Products which keep society, inmates, their families, and parolees safe. A paramount activity in today’s world. Customers of Securus Technologies highlight how the company has helped solve cases, revolutionized the incarceration business, and praised the LBS software. These customers have used phrases like “leading jail phone provider”, “impressed”, and “many thanks” to describe Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies has been able to garner such customer praise by establishing a 220-seat in house domestic call center-the largest in the industry. It is clear to me that this call center has more than accomplished its goal of creating the best customer relations in the industry.


Securus Technologies has made a name for itself by revolutionizing the prison communication technologies industry. However, they are more than just a technological innovator. They have become an industry innovator in providing the best customer relations experience possible. To this end, they have an average call answer time of 11 seconds with a 99% first-call resolution rate. To me, it obvious why Securus Technologies has been awarded the BBB best rating of A+.


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