A Closer Look at Waiakea Water

The water bottle industry is one of the most diverse industries in the world. The hundred billion dollar market is packed with many providers and hundreds of different options. The simple fact about it is that they are all selling the same thing. Water is something that can be hard for companies to alter. When all the water is the same is becomes difficult for companies to set themselves apart from others. Waiakea Water is a company that has done just that. They have greatly spaced themselves from other companies and have set their expectations much higher.
Waiakea Water was founded less than ten years ago but has already become one of the most popular bottled water options among consumers. The reason behind their success is due to their ethical actions. The company has created some of the most economical products available on the market. Founder Ryan Emmons is the man behind the creation of Waiakea Water. He wanted to create a company that raised the expectations of water bottle companies. With all of the emerging success, Emmons decided to make a statement that most people enjoyed hearing. He stated that for every liter of water they sell that they would donate a weeks supply to a family in need. The lack of clean drinking water affects millions of people on a daily basis. Most of us have access to clean drinking water at every second of the day. This is not the case for others. We are not able to understand how much the contribution from Waiakea water actually means due to the fact that we have never been without clean water. This company is doing a great thing by donating water to those in need.

Waiakea Water had to do a few things to set themselves apart from others. They created better bottles to find success. Their bottles have the ability to degrade much faster than traditional bottles. Most bottles take fifteen hundred years to degrade but Waiakea bottles take only fifteen. This company is all around economical. They are helping many people through providing very pure products.

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