Oxford Club Announced New Strategy

Planning for your financial future is very important. While most people know that they need to save a lot of money and invest properly, navigating the financial markets often seems very complex and confusing. Because of this, most people would benefit greatly by getting insight and opinions from trading experts. One organization that has continued to provide its customers with valuable information and advice for years is the Oxford Club.

The Oxford Club is an organization that currently has over 80,000 members. It is based out of Baltimore, Maryland and provides a range of different information and resources to its customers. These include regular newsletters, educational opportunities, and even some social gatherings. For those that are members of the organization, receiving trading strategies and advice is a significant advantage. The Oxford Club recently released a newsletter that proposed a unique strategy that has been successful for many of the members.

The newest trading strategy that the Oxford Club has announced is a put selling options strategy. In order to qualify for this strategy, you will need to have a brokerage firm and an account that allows you to trade options. Once you have one of these in place, you will have all of the resources you need to start investing immediately. With this strategy, you will effectively sell put options on stocks that you believe are strong.

One of the main advantages of this trading strategy is that it allows you to use a significant amount of leverage to invest in your favorite stocks. It can then greatly improve your return on investment. When you end up selling a put option contract, you are effectively betting that you believe the stock will not drop in value past a certain point. Because of this, you can earn a premium by taking on this risk that may be lower than the market perceives.

While the history of the trading strategy is not very long, it does appear to be very successful thus far. Those that followed the trade in the last year reportedly did very well with no investors losing money. However, it is noted that the fact that it was a bull market did contribute to the success.

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