Gregory Aziz and the Changed Safety Thoughts of Railcar Industry

Some industries require the highest safety in its solutions with assured quality to make its clients satisfied. Railcar industry is such an industry where the safety has no compromise as the solutions of the industry are used by wide range of industries such as chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, and more. Carrying inflammable liquids and products became highly risky, especially in the wake of global climate change and other critical factors. Therefore, the industry is compelled to go for the highest safety and quality guidelines to ensure the solutions are meeting the expectations of the clients. While coming to the North American industry, it is way ahead of railcar industries in other regions due to the visionary leadership of executives like Gregory Aziz.



As the Chairman of National Steel Car, the biggest railcar firm in the region, Aziz is shaping the industry for almost two decades. He is the biggest proponent next-gen harmonized regulations across the railcar industries of the region. Interestingly, Gregory James Aziz adopted the regulations as early as 2014 itself by understanding the growing complexities and needs of the firm’s vast customer base. For this purpose, Aziz hired over 1,000 professionals and made investments in improving the capacity of the firm’s production plants, significantly.



By advancing the technology in its solutions, National Steel Car also improved the environmental footprint for the region. Interestingly, the initiatives of James Aziz even prompted the North American governments to come up with such a regulation for the railcar industry of the region recently. Since Aziz acquired the freight car maker, in 1994, he was actively involved in the quality of its solutions. The quality-centered efforts of Greg James Aziz helped the firm to grab many prestigious awards and certifications within and across the industries. Most importantly, it is the single ISO 9001:2008 certified freight car maker in the North American industry with numerous recertification.



Additionally, it is the continuous winner of TTX SECO Awards for quality from 1996. Greg Aziz is credited with placing the firm back to the primary position of production as well as innovation in the freight car industry of North America. Aziz has worked in various industries such as the railcar, investment banking, and wholesale food industries. These extensive experiences helped him to conclude how important quality and service delivery excellence is for a business. James Aziz also contributes to many philanthropic and community building initiatives and takes National Steel Car also on the journey. Go To This Page for additional information.



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