The Frontera Fund Finds Its Foundation In The Incident

The Frontera Fund has quickly grown to become one of the most important charitable and community groups expanding on the good works done for the members of the Hispanic community. The establishment of The Frontera Fund of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin has its roots in a single incident coming from the investigation completed by the two journalists into the controversial former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio; in response to a series of articles published by the writers in their own Phoenix New Times newspaper, Sheriff Arpaio set out to intimidate Larkin and Lacey in a way that led to a $3.75 million financial settlement for the executives of Village Voice Media.


Larkin and Lacey had attracted the attention of the Maricopa County Sheriff following a series of articles written by them regarding the numerous cases of abuse committed by Joe Arpaio and his employees in Arizona law enforcement. Accusations of intimidation and corruption have followed Joe Arpaio throughout his career and came to a head in 2007 when Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were arrested in their own homes in the dead of night; the illegal arrest of the pair came after they were the subject of an illegal warrant obtained using misleading information calling for details of Phoenix New Times subscribers and their personal information.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were illegally detained on the orders of Sheriff Arpaio after publishing a story based on the Supreme Court warrant and the threat to the First Amendment rights of the subscribers to the Phoenix New Times posed by the controversial sheriff. After being removed from their homes in an illegal way Larkin and Lacey were divided and placed in different jails on a trumped up charge of obstruction of justice; the writers were the subject of a national outcry and released without charge less than 24 hours after they were detained. The incident in 2007 led to a lawsuit and $3.75 million in damages awarded to Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin resulting in the award being used to create The Frontera Fund. The Frontera Fund has since fought for the rights of Hispanic and minority groups across the Southwest and publicized the continued racist rhetoric designed to inflame tensions with the Hispanic population of the U.S.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is Blazing the Trail in Dental Sleep Medicine

One of the best gifts you could ever give yourself is a good night sleep. If you want to achieve the best in the industry, few things must always accompany you. Proficient doctors advise that you sleep for at least seven hours a night to give your body the capability to heal from the previous day work. For this reason, you will rejuvenate yourself for a brighter experience in the business world. Few people can compare this to better business practices that sustain your independent access to medical services. If you want to extend your life at the doctor’s office, you must always achieve the most sophisticated solution in the industry.

Every individual needs quality sleep so that they can achieve the most sophisticated business solution in the industry. If you are not geared towards enough sleep during the night, you will never develop the best interests when you are working for better business reviews. For this reason, your access solutions in the industry are always affected by better business values. Few people have realized the benefits of sleep because everyone in the latter days thinks that they can achieve the best by engaging in clear all-day-long wakes.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel advocates for a seven-hour sleep period that will assist you to take advantage of the precision mechanisms in the industry. For this reason, you may achieve better business values by engaging in the highest levels of management solutions for those who seek a better audience in the medical world. Dr. Weisfogel also says that it is not good to have the most sophisticated business capability while you will end up spending all the money you make in the hospital treating your sleep disorders. For this reason, you only need to make as much as you deserve while your health is in priority.

Dr. Weisfogel is the CEO and Founder of the Dental Sleep Masters Company based in the United States. The Dental Sleep Masters Company was developed to assist people in developing a new way of solving their intentions towards capacitating their achievements in a manner that creates the required business solutions. The company also assists others to take care of sleep apnea students.

Waiakea Water: An Emerging Business

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is a brand that has plans to begin employing bottles that are completely degradable. It hopes to do so at some point within the following 12 months. The goal behind this is to transform the CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) field all around the world. Scientists came up with cutting-edge technology that focuses on packaging from a fresh new perspective. These bottles aren’t just completely degradable, either. They’re also totally recyclable. They employ TimePlast, a plastic nano-degradation additive. This material has the ability to minimize the lifespan of plastic significantly. Ryan Emmons works as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and founder of Waiakea Water. He said that making this revolutionary bottle called for thinking about polymers in a totally different light.

Emmons had made Waiakea a story of true achievement. He established a sustainable product that has packaging that’s beneficial for the environment. This product offered distinctive health advantages to people as well. Emmons is a businessman who recognizes the value of eco-friendly components in the packaging world. His brand’s packaging combines the perks of being great to the environment and also aiding surrounding communities.

Emmons had admitted that it’s been quite hard to get his company to its current stage of success. He said that all of the people who work in bottled water are substantially older than him. They’re all a minimum of 50 years old. He said that youthful individuals who work in the beverage industry are few and far between. He’s also said that they enjoy working together out of pure necessity. People who are veterans in the beverage world often ignore newbies.

Things are totally different for Waiakea and Emmons at the moment, however. The brand has expanded in a considerable way since he launched it merely five years ago. Emmons was a wide-eyed 22 year old when he set up the business.

Emmons’ objective is to give people access to water that’s everything they want and need. He specializes in H20 that’s chock-full of important minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium. These things can help everything from the fingernails to the complexion.

Elysium Health Offers Anti-Aging Pill, Basis

What is Elysium Health?

Well, let’s begin with an idea. Is there a supplement out there that doesn’t raise the eyebrow of curiosity? Is it safe, or just as importantly, does it do what it says it will? There is an important supplement out there, provided by Elysium that can help people combat aging. It is a pill. It is called Basis.

Basis is a once daily supplement, which ultimately supports our health on a cellular level. But many supplements today don’t work for people because many do not contain what they display. Many times, the benefits of taking these supplements can be a mixed bag.

Elysium is trying to change the raised eyebrow. It started after three professionals came together; Eric Marcotulli, partner at Sequoia; Dan Alminana, former vice president, JP Morgan; Leonard Guarente, MIT Professor.

Elysium focuses on supplements. Supplements are known to cover everything from multivitamin daily intake as well as those unknown and unpronounceable ingredients that are on food shelves at most local grocery stores. But it is important to remember that supplements don’t get rid of disease or sickness, making many not as strictly regulated as prescription drugs.

The Elysium team believes that good long term health essentially begins in the cells. They put emphasis on their products saying they contain what is said on the label. The supplements are also tested for efficacy and safety.

Most should pay attention to what Elysium is doing. The team takes the latest aging and health research, translating what they learn into healthy products for consumers, who can ultimately benefit today.

What is it about the pill, Basis? It is not necessarily the “fountain of youth,” but their cellular health pill and the creation of Basis has been led by a Scientific Advisory Board, comprised of seven Nobel Peace Prize winners in the areas of biochemistry, complex chemical systems and neuroscience.

Basis exists, according to Elysium because of a coenzyme inside each of our cells called NAD+ or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, which diminishes with age and involved with metabolism. If you haven’t given Elysium a look, you should. They provide an anti-aging pill that will really do the trick!

Daniel Mark Harrison’s Life as a Successful Entrepreneur, Author, and Media Expert

Daniel Mark Harrison is the CEO and the chairman of DMH&CO. This is a family office that also has other dynamic operation stations such as Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong. Daniel Mark is the one who manages the family office. Their work is to assist in the growth of the family assets as well as his.

Daniel Mark Harrison has also been managing Monkey Capital and Fintech. This is a decentralized hedge funding investment that supplies contracts and Blockchain system. The money market has a unique capital that has high quality operations, exciting projects and a management team of stars bringing real world benefits.

Monkey Capital has been recognized with a 6 star rating in the United States. This rating was given when Mark was being interviewed by Chris Waltzek, a syndicated radio host. The Monkey capital was also branded as the billion dollar baboon by the Huffington Post. The Monkey capital is preparing to launch ICO when buyers will have an opportunity to subscribe. The Monkey’s management team distributed COEVAL tokens to friends, family and the hot girls.

The COVEAL is a crowd funding mechanism in which holders buy tokens that are auctioned at a reduced rate. According to Daniel Mark Harrison, the goal of the Monkey Capital is to create an history as the only company that created a crowdfunding option. Daniel does this as he also embraces innovation and breakthroughs.

Besides being an entrepreneur, Daniel Mark Harrison is also an author. He has a published a book called Butterflies: The Strange Metamorphosis of Fact & Fiction in Today’s World. He is also a media expert. He combines his authorship and media expertise in exploring millennial attitudes. Harrison was applauded by Huffington Post for using literature to discuss and exchange ideas.

As a media expert, Harrison has been featured in many media sources such as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Online dailies and The He has been seen visiting media houses such as the CNN, Reuters and Bloomberg.

Harrison has been working on marketing evaluation models such as the manufacturing plant and now other models such as the Bipolar Market Equilibrium economy that challenge how valid the Free Market Economy is.

Louis Chenevert is the Perfect Example of Executive Success

Louis R. Chenevert is an accomplishment man who stands 6’5”. As odd as it may seem, there is some research that suggests that taller people somehow tend to achieve more. On the other hand, there is plenty of research to suggest achieving is all about preparation and commitment. Chenevert spent 14 years of his early career as a General Manager at General Motors. He went on to become the CEO and Chairman of United Technologies Corporation. Chenevert achieved a lot as the leader of UTC, which the industry values close to $100 billion.

The amazing feat is that he was able to achieve in a single year, while many CEOs rack up achievement over a lifetime with their company. His philosophy is that an investment in the right technology is essential, and that investing in the right people is what leads to success.

An example of UTC investing in its employees is through the company’s Scholar Program. The program covers the costs of employees who pursuer further education in their field. Over 40,000 employees have attained degrees since 1996, and the company can boast that its contribution to employee education is well over $1 billion. Thus, the benefits to the corporation are obvious. Educated people are able to contribute in more productive ways.

What has enabled Chenevert to stand out is his ability to pick projects with the highest potential of success. He also has an acute ability to inspire others on to success. While at UTC, this was his guiding principle of management. Under his reign, the company constantly acquired technology and equipment that was on the cutting-edge of technology. Combine this with talented people, and it is not difficult to understand why the company is still so innovative. Leadership still sees its role as that of a steward and an inspiration for its employees to reach their highest potential, even after he left.

Arrested Over Free Speech

Deputies from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department arrested both Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin on October 18, 2007. They were acting under orders from Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The two men worked for the Village Voice Media at the time of the arrest. They were taken from their homes and put into vehicles with darkened windows. These vehicles also had license plates from Mexico. Joe Arpaio ordered that they men be placed in separate jails and booked.


Arpaio has called himself the toughest sheriff in the country. He ordered the arrest of Larkin and Lacey because he was furious about stories that the two men had reported in the Phoenix New Times. The stories revealed the corrupt acts that Arpaio was taking part in as well as some of the conditions of the jails under Arpaio’s control. Most newspapers in Arizona ignored the claims from inmates and others who had a close connection to the sheriff. However, Larkin and Lacey wanted readers to know about the acts that he was committing, so they went ahead with the story. Some of the issues included financial irresponsibility and mismanagement of the entire sheriff’s office. Arpaio abused the power that he had. Conditions at the jails in Arizona were poor, to say the least, under his control. The sheriff also had strict guidelines in regards to arresting individuals and booking them into prisons as he would put certain criminals in certain prisons based on the conditions of the facility and the crime committed.


Larkin and Lacey were simply standing up for their right to free speech. The officers under Arpaio’s control were given grand jury subpoenas that requested details about the stories that were published. The subpoenas also requested any browsing histories of the two men. When the rest of the country found out what happened, Larkin and Lacey were released from jail. After the Ninth Circuit read over the subpoenas, they saw that they weren’t valid because the proper legal steps weren’t taken and dismissed the charges against Larkin and Lacey. After examining the facts in the case, an appellate court awarded the men a $3.7 million settlement. The money is now being used to support the Hispanic community so that they can have the same rights as everyday citizens.


Fabletics Uses the Power of the Crowd to Increase Growth

Companies these days know how important it is to leverage the power of the crowd. Fabletics is an example of one such successful company. The power of the crowd refers to the concept of the law of social proof. In today’s world, people look online for reviews before they buy something. For example, they might look at Yelp before they visit a restaurant. The truth is, that companies who recognize this and tap into this crowd power will be more successful. Fabletics has grown more than two hundred percent since it was first launched. The head of marketing at Fabletics says that the reason they have experienced such tremendous growth is simply because they tapped into the power of user reviews. The more positive reviews there are out there, the more people will trust the company. This will lead to more purchases and increased customer loyalty.


Why are reviews so important? Well, a study showed that people actually trust reviews as much as a recommendation from someone they know. In fact, eighty four percent of people who participated in the survey said so. In fact, fifty percent of customers said that they read reviews online regularly, or at least once a month. This means that people are constantly looking for online reviews before they buy something. So a company that has good online reviews will increase sales. A lot more brands are realizing the power of the crowd these days. In fact, more than three quarters of brands say that they are leveraging online reviews on their websites or other places online. Fabletics is the prime example of a company that managed to leverage the power of the crowd to achieve a huge growth rate.



It does not just have to do with increased trust, which leads to a higher conversion rate when it comes to sales. The truth is, the more positive reviews you have, the higher you will rank in the search engines. This is an established fact. When Google sees that you are trustworthy and popular, they will think you are the best fit for their search results. Thsu, you will get more exposure online and more customers.


Kate Hudson is a well known actor who is heavily involved in Fabletics. She endorsed the company and has been active in management from the very beginning. In fact, it was with her guidance and advice that they managed to grow so quickly.

Julia Jackson Helps Her Family Carry On the Jackson Family Wines Name

Born in 1988, Julia Jackson was born in San Francisco, California to Barbara Banke and Jess Jackson. The family lived for raising their children in the wine making business. The family is well known and carries a large assortment of wines from 4 different continents. Because her family was well known in the industry, Julia knew that her passion would be what drove her to carry on the family name.

Once Julia graduated from high school, she went on to college at Scripps College and graduated with her bachelors before she went on to carry a course from Stanford Graduate School of Business where she took classes in general management. Once she completed these courses, she went to France to further her education. She went forth to earn new techniques that she could use to bring in higher sales and distribute further than before. She went on to work closely with the wineries in France that her family owned while there.

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While Julia spent time in France, she went to the small French town to learn a more advanced technique of wine making from Champagne, France. She worked hard to keep interest within the wine making business and used this with her knowledge to bring a new look and style to her family business. These changes have contributed to reaching a much wider base than previously reached.

The Jackson Family Wineries has a number of vineyards throughout 4 continents from North America to South Africa. In Sonoma County, the winery here produces some of the best wines out there. One of those brands that they produce in Sonoma Valley is Anakota. This wine carries a history that runs to the core of Sonoma Valley.

Jackson Family Wines started out humbly in Lake County, California. It became a very important player in California where it then went on to expand into Australia and then further. In the most recent months, Jackson Family Wines has moved onto open a vineyard in Oregon.

Paul Mampilly: The Accomplished American Investor

Paul Mampilly is an investor and former hedge fund manager who was a Wall Street veteran but changed to a research and investment analyst. Mr. Paul left Wall Street claiming it was not helping everyone but only the elite class people. Paul wanted to spend more time with his family.

Paul Mampilly graduated from Fordham University and in 1991, he started his career as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust on Wall Street. Later, Paul moved to Deutsche Bank and ING where he worked at better executive positions. Paul has since worked as an investor of multi-billion dollar companies.

Paul Mampilly was asked to take part in an investment competition set by Templeton Foundation with a start-up fund of $ 50 million. The competition occurred during the 2008 and2009 financial crisis. Despite the crisis, Paul won by increasing the investment to $ 88 million. Paul then founded the popular newsletter, Profits Unlimited, that explains to American citizens on how to invest their money. He also owns other newsletters like Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum trading services.

His newsletters mainly discuss stocks explained broadly in all his three trading services. Paul researches about the stocks before posting for about 30 to 40 hours. His daily routine involves watching markets globally and tracking stocks using a portfolio tracker. To stay updated, Paul frequently uses LinkedIn. Mampilly releases news that is easy to understand by using charts and explains how an individual stock could be of help by focusing on the significant trends.

Internet of Things, Mega and millennial mega trends are the trends Paul uses to make recommendations. He is productive because he puts his client’s needs first and stays consistent in his daily routines.

Kinetics Asset Management firm worth $ 6 billion appointed Paul Mampilly to take control of their hedge fund in 2006. The company’s worth grew to $ 25 billion averaging 26 % annual returns. The company was branded “World’s Best” hedge funds by Barron’s. Paul is passionate about helping people and recommends entrepreneurs to focus on technology.

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