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About Investor Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is Kerrisdale Capital Management’s creator, as well as its Chief Investment Officer. After he founded the firm back in 2009, Adrangi has been quite involved on most aspects of Kressidale’s development. After starting the firm with less than $1 million, $150 million is now being managed by Kressidale.

He became most commonly known for the firm’s findings that he has released, and also for his short selling strategies. Sahm Adrangi is known for sharing his firm’s opinions with regards to stocks, which he believes the market doesn’t properly understand. Shorts that are overhyped, as well as under-followed longs, are the most prominent examples. Kerrisdale’s research is very crucial because it debunks commonly-held misconceptions regarding the potential of many companies.

Sahm Adrangi first gained widespread notoriety after exposing and shorting several illegitimate Chinese companies. Adrangi’s findings resulted China Education Alliance and ChinaCast Education Corp eventually having to deal with the Securities and Exchange Commission’s enforcement actions. China Marine Food Group, Lihua International and China-Biotics are just a few of the other companies Adrangi’s research exposed.

During the time that he has continued publishing this information, a wide array of different businesses and sectors have been written about. These days, however, Adrangi has targeted a few specific sectors with these efforts. The biotechnology industry is now one key area in which the firm has gained much expertise and released influential research about numerous companies’ development phases. Bavarian Nordic, Zafgen, Unilife, Sage Therapeutics and Pulse Biosciences are just a few examples.

To kick off his journey in the investment world, He worked with Deutsche Bank, where he performed high-yield and leveraged loan debt financings. When he worked at Chanin Capital Partners, Adrangi also gave advice to creditor committees. Once he gained such valuable experience in investment banking, Adrangi subsequently worked some more years working with Longacre Management, which is a distressed debt hedge fund controlling billions of dollars.

Sahm Adrangi has spoken at numerous conferences about investing. He’s also has been sought out for interviews for well-known newspapers and television networks.

Richard Blair’s Pillar Approaches That Great Impact Others

A recent article was written about Richard Blair offering clients in Austin, Texas concerning sound wealth and investment solutions. His company, Wealth Solutions, provides premier services allowing their clients to protect, manage, and grow their assets. Clients have a resourceful advisor and partner with Richard Blair, the founder of Wealth Solutions. Blair believes that everyone must have a solid plan allowing them to pursue their financial goals. Thus, his objectives include providing Austin’s community with wealth management services and retirement planning.


The Three-Pillar Approach


To achieve this, Blair follows a three-pillar approach. The first pillar is specifically made to lay out a financial roadmap for their clients. They must identify the client’s goals, strengths, growth opportunities, and risk tolerance. The second pillar develops a long-term strategy meeting the client’s investment needs. The client’s investment goals and liquidity needs are determined. Blair also manages and reallocates assets to ensure the client’s maximum portfolio performance when the market is suitable. This is done simultaneously with reducing the client’s investment impact during negative market times. The third pillar includes the insurance needs being met after determining the goals and establishing the strategies of the client.


With these pillar approaches, Blair’s clients will surely gain financially for the long haul. Richard Blair takes great pride in helping the citizens of Austin, Texas. Ever since he was a child, he gained the passion to teach others by watching his mother and grandmother as they taught others. He saw how teaching increases one’s knowledge and confidence. He also has a love for finance; therefore, combining these two passions made him what he is today.


About Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions


Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions that is located in Austin, Texas. This business was established in 1994. Wealth Solutions is an investment advisory firm


He is a highly qualified and experienced registered investment advisor at his company. He developed his firm with the objective to offer advice and customized investment, wealth preservation, and retirement strategies. Blair has earned his bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Houston. Also, he has several certifications which are RICP, CFS, CES, and CAS.


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American Institute Of Architects Annouces Plan To Collaborate With Software Developers To Help Architects In The Country

A notable name in the field of architecture, Robert Ivy stands as the current Executive Vice President of the AIA, which stands for the American Institute of Architects. As the VP, he is now trying to channel efforts into helping architects make use of software that can help them be more efficient, helping them in the work that they do.

Robert Ivy has always held that architecture can be used as a way to benefit the country as a whole. One of the key places that he believes architecture can improve is in public health.

As per his analysis, he believes that improving specific structures within cities can help improve the living conditions of people, thereby leading to better overall public health. In a recent interview, Ivy highlighted this by talking about the history of Washington’s architecture and how their drainage system was improved in the city, leading to better public health. He further highlighted that even though this use of architecture is nothing new, it is only now being implemented on a larger scale to be able to improve the overall public health. He also spoke about how the new age of architects have a different set of focuses as compared to the people who have been in the profession for a while, which is why the use of technology to benefit the work that they do has now become a norm.

According to Robert Ivy, there is a lot of scope of the use of materials that can help improve one’s health, rather than the traditional notion of just being able to prevent it from deteriorating at a quicker pace. There is currently a very apparent shift in the industry that has gone from promoting better lifestyle to overall well being, which more architects are now beginning to adopt.

The American Institute of Architects has always believed in collaborating with other fields to be able to offer better architectural work. Now, with the well thought of views that Ivy has for the field, the AIA is beginning to support more technology-based projects that can benefit architects all over the country. The AIA is currently looking for app and software developers to be able to provide their architects with a better degree of resources and tools to make the projects that they undertake better and a lot more streamlined. The believes that this initiative will be able to help both industries, improving their development by a significant amount.

Through his efforts with the AIA, Robert Ivy wants to be able to help architects all over the country, so that the people living in it can benefit as a whole. There is no doubt that architecture is a vital part of society, and its constant development is something that we all need to progress.Learn more:



Gregory Aziz; The Man Who Restored National Steel Car’s Glory

Gregory Aziz is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of one of the biggest railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering firms in the world. National Steel Car is a firm located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It is, in fact, the biggest manufacturer of rolling stock in Canada.


Founded in 1912 by John Morison and other investors the firm is a subsidiary of the National Industries Incorporation. The company started operating first from Hamilton, Ontario. Within a short time of operation, the firm was able to surpass the expectations of all the investors. At that time, it was only manufacturing rolling stock. From 1913, the National Steel Car started producing boxcars for the Canadian Pacific Railway. The firm also started receiving orders from the National Northern Railway.


Since its inception, National Steel Car had been experiencing good business until the 1930s when business starts slowing down and they started getting very few orders or none at all. It was World War II that revived the firm’s business.


National Steel Car was then sold to Dofasco in 1964 and again sold to Hamilton Corporation National Industries in 1994. A company owned by Greg James Aziz.


Born on April 30, 1949, in London, Ontario, Greg Aziz attended Ridley College. Upon completion, James Aziz joined the University of Western Ontario where he majored in Economics. Greg Aziz joined Affiliated Foods, his family’s business, in 1981. While he was there he was able to grow the firm to become one of the biggest wholesale importers and exporters of fresh foods.


In the 1980s and 90s, Greg James Aziz worked in various banking facilities in New York. It was 1994 that he bought National Steel Car from Dofasco. At that time, he had only one goal in mind and that was to restore the glory National Steel Car once had. True to this, Gregory J Aziz actually made it happen. By 1999, National Steel Car’s manufacturing capacity grew from 3500 cars per year to 12,000 cars per year. Moreover, employment opportunities at the firm increased from 600 to close to 3000. All of this was made possible through Gregory James Aziz’s hard work, ability to build a great team and investments both in terms of capital and manpower. Go Here for related Information.


Other than building railcars, National Steel Car plays an integral role in the Hamilton community by sponsoring various charities. The Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army, and the United Way are some of these charities. Together with his wife Gregory J Aziz, are great philanthropists. The two actually sponsor the Royal Agricultural Fair, Canada’s most prominent agricultural fair

Gregory Aziz and the Changed Safety Thoughts of Railcar Industry

Some industries require the highest safety in its solutions with assured quality to make its clients satisfied. Railcar industry is such an industry where the safety has no compromise as the solutions of the industry are used by wide range of industries such as chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, and more. Carrying inflammable liquids and products became highly risky, especially in the wake of global climate change and other critical factors. Therefore, the industry is compelled to go for the highest safety and quality guidelines to ensure the solutions are meeting the expectations of the clients. While coming to the North American industry, it is way ahead of railcar industries in other regions due to the visionary leadership of executives like Gregory Aziz.



As the Chairman of National Steel Car, the biggest railcar firm in the region, Aziz is shaping the industry for almost two decades. He is the biggest proponent next-gen harmonized regulations across the railcar industries of the region. Interestingly, Gregory James Aziz adopted the regulations as early as 2014 itself by understanding the growing complexities and needs of the firm’s vast customer base. For this purpose, Aziz hired over 1,000 professionals and made investments in improving the capacity of the firm’s production plants, significantly.



By advancing the technology in its solutions, National Steel Car also improved the environmental footprint for the region. Interestingly, the initiatives of James Aziz even prompted the North American governments to come up with such a regulation for the railcar industry of the region recently. Since Aziz acquired the freight car maker, in 1994, he was actively involved in the quality of its solutions. The quality-centered efforts of Greg James Aziz helped the firm to grab many prestigious awards and certifications within and across the industries. Most importantly, it is the single ISO 9001:2008 certified freight car maker in the North American industry with numerous recertification.



Additionally, it is the continuous winner of TTX SECO Awards for quality from 1996. Greg Aziz is credited with placing the firm back to the primary position of production as well as innovation in the freight car industry of North America. Aziz has worked in various industries such as the railcar, investment banking, and wholesale food industries. These extensive experiences helped him to conclude how important quality and service delivery excellence is for a business. James Aziz also contributes to many philanthropic and community building initiatives and takes National Steel Car also on the journey. Go To This Page for additional information.



American Institute of Architects: How the Group was Established

The American Institute of Architects is considered as one of the pioneer professional organizations in America. The group is responsible for promoting a positive image among the architects and the architectural profession. The group also laid the foundation to verify each architect who is entering the country. Before the establishment of the American Institute of Architects, there is no way that an architect can prove his profession, except for their works. As a result, people who just wanted to enter the United States present fake documents, stating that they are professional architects when they are not. This resulted in more problems, as counterfeit architects are taking away the jobs that should have been given to the legitimate ones. The end products of these bogus claims were buildings that are made poorly. In 1857, the genuine architects of the United States had enough, and they decided to establish a group that would protect all of the architects practicing in the United States. Learn more:

A group of 13 architects decided to meet up in New York City, one day in 1857. They discussed the importance of creating a group exclusively for the practicing architects in the United States. The founders showed some of the reasons why a group should be established, and its benefits not only to the professionals but also to the public. After everyone agreed to the resolution, the American Institute of Architects was founded. The laws and bylaws of the group were later introduced. The headquarters of the American Institute of Architects was then transferred to Washington D.C. because the founders believe that putting the office of the organization in the nation’s capital would make it more important in the eyes of the public. As the founding members of the American Institute of Architects promoted the newly formed group, more and more professionals are signing up. Just a few months after the establishment of the American Institute of Architects, there were already members coming from all of the states under the control of the United States.

The American Institute of Architects relies on some of its brilliant members to move the organization forward. In 2011, Robert Ivy was named to become the group’s executive vice president and CEO. He was chosen by the heads of the American Institute of Architects because of his expertise in the field of architecture, and his excellent track record. Graduating from the Sewanee University of the South and the Tulane University, Robert Ivy exhibited the characteristics of a good leader. The heads of the American Institute of Architects saw a massive potential with Robert Ivy, and they asked him to become the group’s new leader. Today, Robert Ivy is busy boosting the morale of architects practicing in the United States, and protecting them from any danger. View Robert Ivy’s profile at LinkedIn


Dick DeVos: The Philanthropist Making Efforts To Improve The State Of Michigan

When the Michigan state government introduced a proposition to build a convention center in the city of Grand Rapids, it was met with a lot of unrest by the people living in the city. Many people felt like this was not an ideal move, and would lead to deterioration rather than the development of the state. Many organized protests were happening in the city, at at the forefront of them was Dick DeVos, the political influencer, and son of the founder of Amway. The movement also led to the formation of Grand Action, a community of people who wanted to help the city of Grand Rapids through beneficial projects that would help the growth of the city This led to the formation of several notable structures. These noteworthy projects have changed Grand Rapids for the better, and have been beneficial for everyone in the city.



DeVos has always been a person who wanted to make a difference to the people living in the state of Michigan. He has been a substantial political influence in the state and even ran for the position of Governor of Michigan. Even though he didn’t win the election, he continued to do all he could to make a difference to the state. One of the more notable impacts that DeVos has had on the state was in 2012 when he pushed for change in the laws relating to workers unions. With his efforts, Michigan is now being transformed into a state where workers are not under compulsion to join workers unions. This move can help them tremendously, by providing them with the security of being able to stand up for their rights and not get exploited by employers.



DeVos has also been a part of numerous philanthropic efforts. He is regarded as one of the biggest philanthropes in the entire country and donates millions every year to charities that are focused on making a difference in people’s lives. With his wife, Betsy DeVos, the couple founded the DeVos Family Foundation, which is an organization that offered aid to people all over the country. The foundation supports several causes and has donated millions to people in need. One of the main focuses of the organization is on the improvement of the education system in the country. Through the foundation, the couple has helped the expansion of charter schools across the country, to be able to provide children with better opportunities for their growth and development. DeVos also regularly hands out scholarships to students all over America who are not in a position to be able to seek a higher quality of education. These scholarships send the students to private schools and pay for their entire tuition, enabling them to receive a better education.



DeVos has also helped in several efforts to help protect the environment in Michigan and has supported organizations that were working to reduce the pollution and destruction of the environment in the state ( One such example of this was the efforts that DeVos made to support organizations that were lobbying for the prevention of water pollutants in the rivers in the state.


AvaTrade Review – Best Place to Go To For Forex and Bitcoin Trading

AvaTrade is definitely one of the best trading platforms that are out there. It is designed for traders of all levels. Whether you are an experienced investor or someone who is just starting out, you can sign up with AvaTrade and start trading. The cool part about AvaTrade is that it is not necessary to download any trading software. It is possible to, but you can trade just from the web on any device that has an internet connection. They also offer great bonuses to those who sign up and open accounts. Depending on how much money you deposit into your trading account, your bonus can add up to thousands of dollars.

AvaTrade is also one of the best places to go for trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. There is no doubt that in order to trade cryptocurrencies, you need a platform such as AvaTrade so that you can make trades successfully.

If you are just starting out, it is recommended that you sign up for a free AvaTrade demo account. This way, you can start trading without actually investing any real money. This is a great way to get first hand trading experience without having to suffer the consequences if you eventually make mistakes. You can learn from those mistakes so that you do not repeat them when you start trading with actual money. This is a great opportunity for people who are a little hesitant to dip their toes into the trading world. With the AvaTrade demo account, there is literally zero risk involved with trading.

There are a number of accounts that are available with AvaTrade. They all offer you the ability to trade in real time. Live trading is absolutely necessary if you want to be successful at trading, which is why AvaTrade offers it.

AvaTrade is a trading platform that offers the ability to trade forex. The forex market trades five billion dollars a day, five days a week. It is open twenty four hours each day.

AvaTrade also offers the ability to trade in cryptocurrencies and CFD commodities.

Oxford Club Announced New Strategy

Planning for your financial future is very important. While most people know that they need to save a lot of money and invest properly, navigating the financial markets often seems very complex and confusing. Because of this, most people would benefit greatly by getting insight and opinions from trading experts. One organization that has continued to provide its customers with valuable information and advice for years is the Oxford Club.

The Oxford Club is an organization that currently has over 80,000 members. It is based out of Baltimore, Maryland and provides a range of different information and resources to its customers. These include regular newsletters, educational opportunities, and even some social gatherings. For those that are members of the organization, receiving trading strategies and advice is a significant advantage. The Oxford Club recently released a newsletter that proposed a unique strategy that has been successful for many of the members.

The newest trading strategy that the Oxford Club has announced is a put selling options strategy. In order to qualify for this strategy, you will need to have a brokerage firm and an account that allows you to trade options. Once you have one of these in place, you will have all of the resources you need to start investing immediately. With this strategy, you will effectively sell put options on stocks that you believe are strong.

One of the main advantages of this trading strategy is that it allows you to use a significant amount of leverage to invest in your favorite stocks. It can then greatly improve your return on investment. When you end up selling a put option contract, you are effectively betting that you believe the stock will not drop in value past a certain point. Because of this, you can earn a premium by taking on this risk that may be lower than the market perceives.

While the history of the trading strategy is not very long, it does appear to be very successful thus far. Those that followed the trade in the last year reportedly did very well with no investors losing money. However, it is noted that the fact that it was a bull market did contribute to the success.

Be a part of the Oxford Club community at

Siteline Cabinetry Offers the Best Home Cabinets

The Corsi Group has a new brand called Siteline Cabinetry. The brand launched into the market in 2015. As high-quality furniture from the company, Siteline Cabinetry is worth every penny. The competitive pricing is an added advantage to not only clients but also the company. Aside from that, Siteline Cabinetry has full-access with more than 270 materials. Siteline has pre-configured cabinets and accessories. The unique nature of Siteline Cabinetry is the first selling point. The products bear a tailored nature of customization. With that in place, the brand could be what everyone wants. Depending on your needs and requirements, you will have what you need.

Background Look

Since its launch in the market, many houses have been transformed. The moment a client decides to revamp their homes, Siteline Cabinetry avails itself. It is refreshing to know that the company bears equipped professionals. Home-remodeling comes with many challenges. Siteline Cabinetry is here to assist in facing those challenges. Whether it is partial or complete remodeling, rest assured that the result will be worth it. This is an exciting activity that Siteline Cabinetry has ventured into cabinet upgrade. The sole purpose of the company’s commitment is ensuring perfect remodeling.

High- quality Cabinets

Siteline Cabinetry bears revolutionary business models. The models guarantee you high-quality. On the other side, the team of professionals delivers timely performance. The idea is to ensure that the furniture provided meets your theme. For Siteline Cabinetry, fixing your home into what you want remains to be the aim. Siteline features pre-confgured choices for you to select your preferred furniture. Coupled with high engineering standards, the goal lies in manufacturing unmatched cabinets. If you love vintage cabinets, here is the right place to shop. At Siteline Cabinetry, all your needs are catered to.

Excellent Service-delivery

When shopping for kitchen cabinets, it might feel overwhelming. Siteline Cabinetry is there to fix the problem. The team offers affordable cabinets that you will like. Aside from that, their services capture your themes and interests. Corsi Group guides Siteline Cabinetry by streamlining the management. With that in place, most clients will enjoy the company benefits. Well, happy shopping with Siteline Cabinetry!