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American Institute Of Architects Annouces Plan To Collaborate With Software Developers To Help Architects In The Country

A notable name in the field of architecture, Robert Ivy stands as the current Executive Vice President of the AIA, which stands for the American Institute of Architects. As the VP, he is now trying to channel efforts into helping architects make use of software that can help them be more efficient, helping them in the work that they do.

Robert Ivy has always held that architecture can be used as a way to benefit the country as a whole. One of the key places that he believes architecture can improve is in public health.

As per his analysis, he believes that improving specific structures within cities can help improve the living conditions of people, thereby leading to better overall public health. In a recent interview, Ivy highlighted this by talking about the history of Washington’s architecture and how their drainage system was improved in the city, leading to better public health. He further highlighted that even though this use of architecture is nothing new, it is only now being implemented on a larger scale to be able to improve the overall public health. He also spoke about how the new age of architects have a different set of focuses as compared to the people who have been in the profession for a while, which is why the use of technology to benefit the work that they do has now become a norm.

According to Robert Ivy, there is a lot of scope of the use of materials that can help improve one’s health, rather than the traditional notion of just being able to prevent it from deteriorating at a quicker pace. There is currently a very apparent shift in the industry that has gone from promoting better lifestyle to overall well being, which more architects are now beginning to adopt.

The American Institute of Architects has always believed in collaborating with other fields to be able to offer better architectural work. Now, with the well thought of views that Ivy has for the field, the AIA is beginning to support more technology-based projects that can benefit architects all over the country. The AIA is currently looking for app and software developers to be able to provide their architects with a better degree of resources and tools to make the projects that they undertake better and a lot more streamlined. The believes that this initiative will be able to help both industries, improving their development by a significant amount.

Through his efforts with the AIA, Robert Ivy wants to be able to help architects all over the country, so that the people living in it can benefit as a whole. There is no doubt that architecture is a vital part of society, and its constant development is something that we all need to progress.Learn more:



American Institute of Architects: How the Group was Established

The American Institute of Architects is considered as one of the pioneer professional organizations in America. The group is responsible for promoting a positive image among the architects and the architectural profession. The group also laid the foundation to verify each architect who is entering the country. Before the establishment of the American Institute of Architects, there is no way that an architect can prove his profession, except for their works. As a result, people who just wanted to enter the United States present fake documents, stating that they are professional architects when they are not. This resulted in more problems, as counterfeit architects are taking away the jobs that should have been given to the legitimate ones. The end products of these bogus claims were buildings that are made poorly. In 1857, the genuine architects of the United States had enough, and they decided to establish a group that would protect all of the architects practicing in the United States. Learn more:

A group of 13 architects decided to meet up in New York City, one day in 1857. They discussed the importance of creating a group exclusively for the practicing architects in the United States. The founders showed some of the reasons why a group should be established, and its benefits not only to the professionals but also to the public. After everyone agreed to the resolution, the American Institute of Architects was founded. The laws and bylaws of the group were later introduced. The headquarters of the American Institute of Architects was then transferred to Washington D.C. because the founders believe that putting the office of the organization in the nation’s capital would make it more important in the eyes of the public. As the founding members of the American Institute of Architects promoted the newly formed group, more and more professionals are signing up. Just a few months after the establishment of the American Institute of Architects, there were already members coming from all of the states under the control of the United States.

The American Institute of Architects relies on some of its brilliant members to move the organization forward. In 2011, Robert Ivy was named to become the group’s executive vice president and CEO. He was chosen by the heads of the American Institute of Architects because of his expertise in the field of architecture, and his excellent track record. Graduating from the Sewanee University of the South and the Tulane University, Robert Ivy exhibited the characteristics of a good leader. The heads of the American Institute of Architects saw a massive potential with Robert Ivy, and they asked him to become the group’s new leader. Today, Robert Ivy is busy boosting the morale of architects practicing in the United States, and protecting them from any danger. View Robert Ivy’s profile at LinkedIn