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Mike Heiligenstein Addresses MoPac as a Mobility Solution in Austin

From the analysis, the American-Statesman predicted increased traffic in Austin area. As such, they advised on the need for implementation of tech models. According to Supply Chain Digital, in response to that, Mike Heiligenstein appreciated the statesman for highlighting the issue.

Mike is an influential leader in the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, where they endeavor in addressing traffic woes. There are several mobility solutions that they implement. He cites 183A Toll Road that they constructed in Cedar Park and Leander. Clearly, the road has continually served critical roles in preventing commotion on the roads despite the population’s exponential growth.

Details Concerning the MoPac Express Project

Although it is not possible to eliminate traffic entirely, they are working towards constructing express lanes. The project aims at establishing variable tolling to help in the management of traffic flow. The system employs high-end technology, to synchronize the source and demand for easy prediction of traffic movement.

Once the project succeeds, people will find the roads being convenient for those in a hurry. That Express Lane is expected to move fast even when the other lanes could be crawling. The privately founded agency operates locally. It was initiated by the people of Williamson and Travis Counties. Their primary business is to design perfect tech concepts to curb transportation distresses.

Personal Information Concerning Mike Heiligenstein

Mike serves on the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority as the Executive Director. He attended the University of Texas for his government degrees. As well, he went further to pursue a Master’s of government, and a Master’s in business administration. Mr. Heiligenstein has been in the transit industry for some time now.

He is passionate about improving infrastructure and helping solve the traffic problems. In his service, Mike has mostly served the people of Williamson and Austin Counties. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

His extensive experience helps him a lot in coming up with solutions, as he identifies with the people’s problems. Even when the statesman raises the traffic concerns, Mike agrees with them and confesses there is a lot more that they have in store.


The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority seeks to partner with the Texas Department of Transportation. They are also inviting other parties with a stake of beating traffic problems.

Although they operate locally, they ensure maximal accountability. As well, they are solution-minded and devoted towards inclining to technology. Most importantly is that he lives in the local surrounding. He experiences the challenges, which motivates his passion for pursuing solutions.