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Ricardo Guimaraes: A Man of Excellence from Brazil


Ricardo Guimaraes can be considered as one of the prominent individuals from Brazil. He is the president of Banco BMG, one of the largest banks in the country that has been serving the nation for last 85 years. Working in such a critical position is a lifetime achievement for anyone and Ricardo has already excelled in his role to lead the bank to the highest apex of success. But he is more than an executive only. He is also a mining businessman, a philanthropist, a patron for sports and an author as well.



Ricardo comes from a renowned Brazilian family with a rich heritage. He is the son of Flávio Pentagna Guimarães, and he has been in business since 1998 with a focus on mining and financial sector through Banko BMG. It was his grandfather who founded Banco de Credito Predial in 1930 to cater to the banking need of the people in Brazil. Through generations, Guimaraes family members have served this institution and transformed this financial institution into Bank BMG, the second largest bank in the country. According to Wikipedia sources, this bank was mostly involved with retail financing, wholesale as well as heavy and light vehicle financing. But when Ricardo joined the bank, to shifted its focus to new market segments such as payroll and personal loans as well as many other financial solutions.



Ricardo has an innate ability and strategic leadership capability through which he has been managing the Bank. He works closely with his partners and executives to bring in new and innovative financial products and services for the clients. Under his leadership, the bank has streamlined and diversified its products to capture new markets throughout Brazil. In addition to that, Ricardo also provided valuable guidance and motivation in securing major partnership deals with investors both from home and abroad. According to Crunchbase sources, he prefers to operate with a lean structure, deals with low interest and low default. This is why; Ricardo and Banko BMG is considered as a trendsetter in the Brazilian banking sector. One of his crowned executives, Marcio Alaor praised him in an interview on Otempo by mentioning him as a miner who works quietly but effectively to bring in results. Unlike other entrepreneurs or businessman from Brazil, he doesn’t depend on advertising but bringing in better value for his customers.



Ricardo is one of the leading patrons of Brazilan sports. Through Banko BMG, Ricardo has been sponsoring some sports team in Brazil and renovating Brazilian sports arena. He has developed a tradition of valuing sports in Banko BMG that helped some sports talent in the international arena. According to Ricardo, it is really important for everyone to support the athletes who are highly dedicated and disciplined professionals upholding the national reputation. This is why; he has been sponsoring some football, basketball and volleyball teams in the country.