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Gregory Aziz; The Man Who Restored National Steel Car’s Glory

Gregory Aziz is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of one of the biggest railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering firms in the world. National Steel Car is a firm located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It is, in fact, the biggest manufacturer of rolling stock in Canada.


Founded in 1912 by John Morison and other investors the firm is a subsidiary of the National Industries Incorporation. The company started operating first from Hamilton, Ontario. Within a short time of operation, the firm was able to surpass the expectations of all the investors. At that time, it was only manufacturing rolling stock. From 1913, the National Steel Car started producing boxcars for the Canadian Pacific Railway. The firm also started receiving orders from the National Northern Railway.


Since its inception, National Steel Car had been experiencing good business until the 1930s when business starts slowing down and they started getting very few orders or none at all. It was World War II that revived the firm’s business.


National Steel Car was then sold to Dofasco in 1964 and again sold to Hamilton Corporation National Industries in 1994. A company owned by Greg James Aziz.


Born on April 30, 1949, in London, Ontario, Greg Aziz attended Ridley College. Upon completion, James Aziz joined the University of Western Ontario where he majored in Economics. Greg Aziz joined Affiliated Foods, his family’s business, in 1981. While he was there he was able to grow the firm to become one of the biggest wholesale importers and exporters of fresh foods.


In the 1980s and 90s, Greg James Aziz worked in various banking facilities in New York. It was 1994 that he bought National Steel Car from Dofasco. At that time, he had only one goal in mind and that was to restore the glory National Steel Car once had. True to this, Gregory J Aziz actually made it happen. By 1999, National Steel Car’s manufacturing capacity grew from 3500 cars per year to 12,000 cars per year. Moreover, employment opportunities at the firm increased from 600 to close to 3000. All of this was made possible through Gregory James Aziz’s hard work, ability to build a great team and investments both in terms of capital and manpower. Go Here for related Information.


Other than building railcars, National Steel Car plays an integral role in the Hamilton community by sponsoring various charities. The Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army, and the United Way are some of these charities. Together with his wife Gregory J Aziz, are great philanthropists. The two actually sponsor the Royal Agricultural Fair, Canada’s most prominent agricultural fair

Gregory Aziz and the Changed Safety Thoughts of Railcar Industry

Some industries require the highest safety in its solutions with assured quality to make its clients satisfied. Railcar industry is such an industry where the safety has no compromise as the solutions of the industry are used by wide range of industries such as chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, and more. Carrying inflammable liquids and products became highly risky, especially in the wake of global climate change and other critical factors. Therefore, the industry is compelled to go for the highest safety and quality guidelines to ensure the solutions are meeting the expectations of the clients. While coming to the North American industry, it is way ahead of railcar industries in other regions due to the visionary leadership of executives like Gregory Aziz.



As the Chairman of National Steel Car, the biggest railcar firm in the region, Aziz is shaping the industry for almost two decades. He is the biggest proponent next-gen harmonized regulations across the railcar industries of the region. Interestingly, Gregory James Aziz adopted the regulations as early as 2014 itself by understanding the growing complexities and needs of the firm’s vast customer base. For this purpose, Aziz hired over 1,000 professionals and made investments in improving the capacity of the firm’s production plants, significantly.



By advancing the technology in its solutions, National Steel Car also improved the environmental footprint for the region. Interestingly, the initiatives of James Aziz even prompted the North American governments to come up with such a regulation for the railcar industry of the region recently. Since Aziz acquired the freight car maker, in 1994, he was actively involved in the quality of its solutions. The quality-centered efforts of Greg James Aziz helped the firm to grab many prestigious awards and certifications within and across the industries. Most importantly, it is the single ISO 9001:2008 certified freight car maker in the North American industry with numerous recertification.



Additionally, it is the continuous winner of TTX SECO Awards for quality from 1996. Greg Aziz is credited with placing the firm back to the primary position of production as well as innovation in the freight car industry of North America. Aziz has worked in various industries such as the railcar, investment banking, and wholesale food industries. These extensive experiences helped him to conclude how important quality and service delivery excellence is for a business. James Aziz also contributes to many philanthropic and community building initiatives and takes National Steel Car also on the journey. Go To This Page for additional information.



Dr. Shafik Sachedina And His Dentistry Career

Dr. Shafik Sachedina serves as the joint chairman of Sussex Health Care. He founded Sussex to provide health care to the aged persons. Dr. Sachedina has held this chairman position since 1998 and serves together with Shiraz Boghani who is also the Joint chairman. Sussex health care is a care Centre and support services provider which operates as a group of care homes in South England. Shafik was born in 1950 in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania and later moved to England.

He is a qualified dental surgeon having attained his accreditation from Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School at the University of London. He graduated in 1975 and has practiced dentistry, dental and oral surgery for many years. Additionally, he holds a master’s degree in Dentistry from the University of King’s College.

In addition to his chairman role at Sussex, Shafik also serves in Aga Khan at Aiglemont, France. He is the Head of the department at Jamat Institution at the Secretariat of the Aga Khan. He is a member of the Aga Khan Development Network Committee.

He has also been a member of the Board of Governors at Institute of Ismaili Studies since 1995. Dr. Sachedina is in charge of interfacing with the Aga Khan Development Network programs (AKDN) as well as Ismaili community’s Institutions in Central Asia. These establishments are situated at 16 different locations.

Dr. Sachedina is tasked with the role of harmonizing the programs and activities of all subsidiaries. His role includes coordinating the budgets and receiving all the reports from the different branches. However, the appointment of the institutions is carried out by Imam, and his task is coordinating their activities. His role at Jamati Institutions is not a constitutional position, and therefore his most significant part is organizing rather than directing. The imams are the one tasked with the tasks of governing all the 16 institutions. He has been a member of the Ismaili Leaders’ International Forum for many years now.

Shafik’s role in Jamati Institutions and Aga Khan are more of philanthropy rather than an entrepreneurial venture. He has the passion for serving the community in providing care and health services.

He also serves as the Chairman of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Co-ordinating Committee. Sachedina has also helped a lot in serving the Ismaili community. He served voluntarily as the president of the Ismaili Council for the United Kingdom for two terms. He has also offered his services for free in many other capacities.

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Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian-born production manager who received his corporate management training, as well as a B.A. degree from HEC Montreal, a business school that is affiliated with the University of Montreal. His past employment with companies such as General Motors, where he spent 14 years, and Pratt and Whitney, helped him gain a greater amount of knowledge in the area of business management.

He went on to join a company called United Technologies Corp, or UTC, in 1993, and in March of 2006, he was elected as its President and CEO. While working at UTC, which is a business that is responsible for building commercial and military jet engines, he helped the company’s earnings rise substantially. His strategy for keeping UTC stable was to avoid using outsourcing as a way to reach production. Instead, he opted to move a team of experienced aeronautical engineers into the business, which is based in Connecticut.

One of his philanthropic deeds involves an educational assistance charity called Employee Scholar Program, which benefits the company’s employees by paying their bills so they can have time to pursue degrees in their fields of interests. Since the program’s start in 1996, there have been nearly 40,000 degrees granted to the employees that were helped.

Because of Louis Chenevert‘s expert leadership abilities, he has received several awards, including the 2009 Honor Award from the National Building Museum, the FDNY Fire Commissioner’s Humanitarian Award and the Pace Award for Leadership in Business Ethics. He was also named Person of the Year in 2011 by Aviation Weeks and Space Technology.

After retiring from his position at UTC, he began serving as Senior Advisor at Goldman Sachs. He also worked in Wall Street’s merchant banking division, where he looked for opportunities in the aerospace industry. Another accomplishment was his acquirement of Goodrich for about $17 billion, a deal he’d worked on for a year. After his retirement, he began spending more time on his 110 ft. yacht, which is a big passion of his. Chenevert was born in Quebec, Canada, but he currently lives in Hartford, Connecticut with his wife Debra.

Daniel Mark Harrison’s Life as a Successful Entrepreneur, Author, and Media Expert

Daniel Mark Harrison is the CEO and the chairman of DMH&CO. This is a family office that also has other dynamic operation stations such as Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong. Daniel Mark is the one who manages the family office. Their work is to assist in the growth of the family assets as well as his.

Daniel Mark Harrison has also been managing Monkey Capital and Fintech. This is a decentralized hedge funding investment that supplies contracts and Blockchain system. The money market has a unique capital that has high quality operations, exciting projects and a management team of stars bringing real world benefits.

Monkey Capital has been recognized with a 6 star rating in the United States. This rating was given when Mark was being interviewed by Chris Waltzek, a syndicated radio host. The Monkey capital was also branded as the billion dollar baboon by the Huffington Post. The Monkey capital is preparing to launch ICO when buyers will have an opportunity to subscribe. The Monkey’s management team distributed COEVAL tokens to friends, family and the hot girls.

The COVEAL is a crowd funding mechanism in which holders buy tokens that are auctioned at a reduced rate. According to Daniel Mark Harrison, the goal of the Monkey Capital is to create an history as the only company that created a crowdfunding option. Daniel does this as he also embraces innovation and breakthroughs.

Besides being an entrepreneur, Daniel Mark Harrison is also an author. He has a published a book called Butterflies: The Strange Metamorphosis of Fact & Fiction in Today’s World. He is also a media expert. He combines his authorship and media expertise in exploring millennial attitudes. Harrison was applauded by Huffington Post for using literature to discuss and exchange ideas.

As a media expert, Harrison has been featured in many media sources such as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Online dailies and The He has been seen visiting media houses such as the CNN, Reuters and Bloomberg.

Harrison has been working on marketing evaluation models such as the manufacturing plant and now other models such as the Bipolar Market Equilibrium economy that challenge how valid the Free Market Economy is.

Louis Chenevert is the Perfect Example of Executive Success

Louis R. Chenevert is an accomplishment man who stands 6’5”. As odd as it may seem, there is some research that suggests that taller people somehow tend to achieve more. On the other hand, there is plenty of research to suggest achieving is all about preparation and commitment. Chenevert spent 14 years of his early career as a General Manager at General Motors. He went on to become the CEO and Chairman of United Technologies Corporation. Chenevert achieved a lot as the leader of UTC, which the industry values close to $100 billion.

The amazing feat is that he was able to achieve in a single year, while many CEOs rack up achievement over a lifetime with their company. His philosophy is that an investment in the right technology is essential, and that investing in the right people is what leads to success.

An example of UTC investing in its employees is through the company’s Scholar Program. The program covers the costs of employees who pursuer further education in their field. Over 40,000 employees have attained degrees since 1996, and the company can boast that its contribution to employee education is well over $1 billion. Thus, the benefits to the corporation are obvious. Educated people are able to contribute in more productive ways.

What has enabled Chenevert to stand out is his ability to pick projects with the highest potential of success. He also has an acute ability to inspire others on to success. While at UTC, this was his guiding principle of management. Under his reign, the company constantly acquired technology and equipment that was on the cutting-edge of technology. Combine this with talented people, and it is not difficult to understand why the company is still so innovative. Leadership still sees its role as that of a steward and an inspiration for its employees to reach their highest potential, even after he left.

Julia Jackson Helps Her Family Carry On the Jackson Family Wines Name

Born in 1988, Julia Jackson was born in San Francisco, California to Barbara Banke and Jess Jackson. The family lived for raising their children in the wine making business. The family is well known and carries a large assortment of wines from 4 different continents. Because her family was well known in the industry, Julia knew that her passion would be what drove her to carry on the family name.

Once Julia graduated from high school, she went on to college at Scripps College and graduated with her bachelors before she went on to carry a course from Stanford Graduate School of Business where she took classes in general management. Once she completed these courses, she went to France to further her education. She went forth to earn new techniques that she could use to bring in higher sales and distribute further than before. She went on to work closely with the wineries in France that her family owned while there.

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While Julia spent time in France, she went to the small French town to learn a more advanced technique of wine making from Champagne, France. She worked hard to keep interest within the wine making business and used this with her knowledge to bring a new look and style to her family business. These changes have contributed to reaching a much wider base than previously reached.

The Jackson Family Wineries has a number of vineyards throughout 4 continents from North America to South Africa. In Sonoma County, the winery here produces some of the best wines out there. One of those brands that they produce in Sonoma Valley is Anakota. This wine carries a history that runs to the core of Sonoma Valley.

Jackson Family Wines started out humbly in Lake County, California. It became a very important player in California where it then went on to expand into Australia and then further. In the most recent months, Jackson Family Wines has moved onto open a vineyard in Oregon.

TalkFusion CEO Bob Reina Provides Tips to Help You Reach Your Customers

In his article Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience, founder and CEO of Talk Fusion Bob Reina outlines the steps that businesses can take to make a stronger connection with their customers. Learn more:


Defining the problem that you are solving or the benefit that you are providing for and to your customers, as it is seen from their perspective, will give your customers the feeling that you understand their needs and give your message a more personal impact. Learn more:


Building a buyer’s persona that is developed around descriptive characteristics such as your customer’s age, interests and hobbies, education levels, income, etc., will enable you to create content that is more personal to the audience that you are trying to reach with your message.


Social Media tools such as Facebook and Twitter can be used to gain deeper insight into your customer’s interests and preferences. Study your audience’s postings and messages and take notes of the problems they are experiencing and what they are interested in.


Analytics allow you to capture summarized trend data. These tools can give you detailed insights into how customers go about researching solutions to their problems and what type of content provides value to them and how they are interacting with it. Bounce rates can also help you learn from the failures of others about what ‘s already been tried and doesn’t work.


Studying your competitors can be a tremendous time-saver that gives you an advantage when reaching out to your customers with your offering’s message. Their shortcomings can reveal market gaps that you can fill. Your competitors’ successes can provide you with a very quick schooling on what works with your market. Learn more:


After you’ve researched these areas, you’ll have enough insight to develop a message that will reach your customers at a personal level and make your products and services come to life and provide value to their wants and the problems they are experiencing.


Talk Fusion


Founded in 2007 by Bob Reina, Talk Fusion serves businesses by helping them distinguish themselves from their competition with marketing plans that increase revenues and the bottom line. Talk Fusion delivers dynamic strategies, making your message more memorable and increasing your customer’s engagement with your content.

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