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Cyber Attacks on the Rise, Increase Your Personal Cyber Security Before it’s too Late

Technology is becoming more advanced and complex by the day, but so are hackers. The number and degree of cyber security attacks are increasing significantly with the latest large scale ransomware attack affecting over 300,000 computers in over 150 countries. The damage that these attacks cause is estimated to be over 400 billion dollars worth. Whether it’s for your company, or for individual use, everyone needs to start thinking of their personal cyber security.


Cyber attacks include anything that was ever on your computer or is on your computer now that can be taken or tampered with. Some attacks could include identity theft, deletion or corruption of data, theft of intellectual property, or stolen money. Unless you look into your own personal cyber security you’re not safe, nobody is safe from it, not you, me, a big corporation, or potentially even politicians. In May 2017 the President of the United States signed an executive order to increase focus on the country’s cyber security needs.


With all these cyber attacks happening now is the best time to protect your own personal cyber security ( One of the most efficient companies out there right now protecting individuals from cyber attacks is Rubica. Although only founded in 2016, the company has over a decade of experience before splitting from a cyber consulting company to create Rubica. Not only do they have an algorithm that screens for security threats, but also have skilled experts, hired from the NSA, Navy, and Scottland Yard, who monitor and protect computers from cyber attacks.


Rubica is an app that can be downloaded to any smartphone, tablet, or computer and then their cyber ops team takes care of all your personal cyber security needs from there (YahooFinance). There’s no need for manuals or anything additional to worry about. Once you download the app Rubica’s cyber ops team works out every issue in the background, only alerting you if an action is needed.


As someone who’s computer was corrupted by cyber attacks, I suggest you look into cyber security right away. With technology increasing, we should all increase our protection as well.