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Dick DeVos: The Philanthropist Making Efforts To Improve The State Of Michigan

When the Michigan state government introduced a proposition to build a convention center in the city of Grand Rapids, it was met with a lot of unrest by the people living in the city. Many people felt like this was not an ideal move, and would lead to deterioration rather than the development of the state. Many organized protests were happening in the city, at at the forefront of them was Dick DeVos, the political influencer, and son of the founder of Amway. The movement also led to the formation of Grand Action, a community of people who wanted to help the city of Grand Rapids through beneficial projects that would help the growth of the city This led to the formation of several notable structures. These noteworthy projects have changed Grand Rapids for the better, and have been beneficial for everyone in the city.



DeVos has always been a person who wanted to make a difference to the people living in the state of Michigan. He has been a substantial political influence in the state and even ran for the position of Governor of Michigan. Even though he didn’t win the election, he continued to do all he could to make a difference to the state. One of the more notable impacts that DeVos has had on the state was in 2012 when he pushed for change in the laws relating to workers unions. With his efforts, Michigan is now being transformed into a state where workers are not under compulsion to join workers unions. This move can help them tremendously, by providing them with the security of being able to stand up for their rights and not get exploited by employers.



DeVos has also been a part of numerous philanthropic efforts. He is regarded as one of the biggest philanthropes in the entire country and donates millions every year to charities that are focused on making a difference in people’s lives. With his wife, Betsy DeVos, the couple founded the DeVos Family Foundation, which is an organization that offered aid to people all over the country. The foundation supports several causes and has donated millions to people in need. One of the main focuses of the organization is on the improvement of the education system in the country. Through the foundation, the couple has helped the expansion of charter schools across the country, to be able to provide children with better opportunities for their growth and development. DeVos also regularly hands out scholarships to students all over America who are not in a position to be able to seek a higher quality of education. These scholarships send the students to private schools and pay for their entire tuition, enabling them to receive a better education.



DeVos has also helped in several efforts to help protect the environment in Michigan and has supported organizations that were working to reduce the pollution and destruction of the environment in the state ( One such example of this was the efforts that DeVos made to support organizations that were lobbying for the prevention of water pollutants in the rivers in the state.