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The Stream Energy Chronicles

Many of us have been victims of phantom drains. Those moments when you discover your energy bills are higher than you anticipated and besides wondering how you came to this, you only just want a way to manage the situation. Visit Public Utility Commission of Texas website to know more about Stream Energy.

Steam Energy reveals one of the hidden truths pertaining these energy drains; that is the energy used in the unplugged devices and unnoticeably, when they are not getting used actively. Little as it may, it builds up over the years. Cutting power to the DVR whenever it’s not in use, saves approximately $36.80 in savings annually while entertainment system rates at $130. A coffee maker, on the other hand, will conserve to about a dollar in a year by just shutting it off anytime it’s not in use, and this money can get put into better, rewarding, and more fun used.

The way out is just batching all your gadgets onto power strips and shutting things down when they are not in use. It only requires a little diligence and more discipline. Additionally, one should carefully monitor your energy spending which can be done using monitoring tools. View Stream Energy at

The Stream Energy is a Dallas-based company and one of the top direct selling energy company in the global market. Stream Energy got founded in 2005. It specializes in energy, business opportunities, deregulated electricity, deregulated natural gas, renewable energy certificates, direct sales company, mobile services, protective services, and home services. All this work concurrently to ensure a comfortable lifestyle for the customers by keeping them connected wherever they are.

The company adopted the multi-level marketing strategy in 2014. It provided an avenue for its associates to earn commissions anytime they make sells or recruit new sales associates beyond a certain minimum set number. The concept is promoted using local meetings and internet-based homesites that serve ass information websites.

Stream Energy’s CFO, Renee J. Hornbaker received a special commendation for her corporate advocacy for the outstanding directors. The company also have programs that set up its associates for training. In October this year, stream hosted an event that saw the winner receive top-notch training which undoubtedly brought in some positive energy into the business.