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Sawyer Howitt, Racquetball Player

Sawyer Howitt is known for his prowess in the financial markets. His small business consulting firm works with many small businesses to help them grow. While his firm won many awards and accolades in this field, he also has known to appear on the racquetball courts of Portland, Oregon. Howitt details all his court-related experiences on a WordPress blog he maintains. Anyone with a passing interest in the sport can find out how to improve his game or advice about the latest equipment.


Businessmen often use golf to network and to make deals, but it is not the only sport someone might use to achieve the same ends. Tennis games, racquetball games and steak dinners can all serve this purpose. No one must engage in golfing if he does not like doing it. Even Mark Twain called the game “an unnecessary interruption of a perfectly good walk.” There’s not much walking in the modern version, either.