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Richard Blair’s Pillar Approaches That Great Impact Others

A recent article was written about Richard Blair offering clients in Austin, Texas concerning sound wealth and investment solutions. His company, Wealth Solutions, provides premier services allowing their clients to protect, manage, and grow their assets. Clients have a resourceful advisor and partner with Richard Blair, the founder of Wealth Solutions. Blair believes that everyone must have a solid plan allowing them to pursue their financial goals. Thus, his objectives include providing Austin’s community with wealth management services and retirement planning.


The Three-Pillar Approach


To achieve this, Blair follows a three-pillar approach. The first pillar is specifically made to lay out a financial roadmap for their clients. They must identify the client’s goals, strengths, growth opportunities, and risk tolerance. The second pillar develops a long-term strategy meeting the client’s investment needs. The client’s investment goals and liquidity needs are determined. Blair also manages and reallocates assets to ensure the client’s maximum portfolio performance when the market is suitable. This is done simultaneously with reducing the client’s investment impact during negative market times. The third pillar includes the insurance needs being met after determining the goals and establishing the strategies of the client.


With these pillar approaches, Blair’s clients will surely gain financially for the long haul. Richard Blair takes great pride in helping the citizens of Austin, Texas. Ever since he was a child, he gained the passion to teach others by watching his mother and grandmother as they taught others. He saw how teaching increases one’s knowledge and confidence. He also has a love for finance; therefore, combining these two passions made him what he is today.


About Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions


Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions that is located in Austin, Texas. This business was established in 1994. Wealth Solutions is an investment advisory firm


He is a highly qualified and experienced registered investment advisor at his company. He developed his firm with the objective to offer advice and customized investment, wealth preservation, and retirement strategies. Blair has earned his bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Houston. Also, he has several certifications which are RICP, CFS, CES, and CAS.


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