Richard Blair’s Wealth Solutions Work Financially

Many people may ask themselves and wonder just who is the real Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions. On top of that list is Founder and Owner Wealth Solutions, and at the bottom is humble servant to his clients. And, somewhere in between, there is a savvy businessman with a heart of gold. Most importantly, the results of his services more than outweigh the mantle of his status, seven days a week. A deeper look at his present base of operations out of Austin, Texas can explain everything needed to know about what he does and how he does it.

Work comes first. Accordingly, to understand the real Richard Blair one has to know what his business does in its contribution within the world of commerce. Wealth Solutions is an RIA (Registered Investment Advisory) firm. In a nut shell, the people who work under Richard use their expertise to help their clients expand, retain and rearrange the assets that they already have, with the end result being financial growth and abundance for their thoughtful efforts. To be sure, the work that he and his company provide is not a get rich dream or a kick start effort. The work they do is far more centered on designing long-term plans for returns from careful investment.

And, when it comes to the way that Wealth Solutions gets the job done, Richard believes that the best plan is built on three major pillars. By using these pillars he, his team and their company of associates efficiently construct inclusive plans that are formulated to suit individual client needs for the here and now and their retirement future.

The first pillar is all about getting to know where the client is financially. It includes knowing where they need to be and where they would like to go in the future, something like a road map. The second pillar is all about strategy, which calls for some kind of action. The expertise here is to know when to lay in wait and when to take the shot without involving more risk than the client is willing to bare. When all goes according to plan, the rewards for the combination of patience and action payout well. The third pillar is something that no one really likes to do but if they are wise they realize they have to do. And that is to expect the unexpected. That is why the third pillar is based on both long-term and annuity insurance needs.

CEO Rick Smith And His Securus Advancements

Securus has been on the cutting edge of advancement in the communications industry for some time, and they are working in a field that serves the family and friends of prison inmates. This article explains how someone who works with Securus to call the jails will find the system easier to use, and they may place a number of calls to the jails to reach out to those they love. Anyone who knows someone in jail must have access to their family, and they will find said access when they call with Securus.

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#1: What Has Rick Done To Improve Securus?

Securus is improving every year with the addition of more video technology, and the company is searching for the simplest ways to add to their network. They wish to release more cameras, and Rick wishes to serve more customers every year. He believes strongly in the video visitations that his company creates, and he knows that families are brought together every day using this brand of technology.

#2: How Does Rick Lead?

Rick leads with a soft touch that allows all his employees to charge their ideas. He wants to hear what is coming next from his business, and he knows that they may serve more people when they are expanding their product line. They allow customers to use a mobile app, and they allow customers to create calls from their computers. Securus wishes to serve a wide swath of the American public, and they wish to be accessible at the same time.

#3: How Does Securus Facilitate Calls?

Securus creates secure phone calls or video calls for all its customers, and it provides customers with a simpler way to speak to family and friends through video. There is no threat of the calls being intercepted, and it is important for all families to call their loved ones as much as possible, and they will find it easier to ensure that they may speak to their loved ones on a regular basis. There is a place in every jail to use the Securus system, and the cameras offer a visitation experience that many people do not get when they cannot visit the jails.

Rick Smith has worked quite hard to help expand Securus, and he wishes to see the company expand more every year. He has left the door open for more technology, and he knows that there will come a time when the company will release new sorts of technology that make phone calls to jails more easily. Someone who must call the jail with a secure line will find Securus easier to use, and they will notice that they have a friend in Securus, Rick Smith and his staff. Read more on

Women Benefit from Fabletics

Fabletics created a brand that is able to suit the needs of women no matter what their style is, how much time they have or even what their budget looks like. The company wants to be able to cater to all women and wants to show them that they don’t have to spend a huge amount of money just to be able to get what they need from the workouts that they are having. In fact, they can do all of this while they look great. They can also do what they need to so that they can make sure that they are as confident as possible with the looks that the company has.


Fabletics created a reverse showroom. Women are encouraged to take the style quiz. The quiz is amazing in that it helps them find out what their athletic style is and what will work with their different activities that they are able to do. The quiz also helps them find the outfits that will work just perfect for them. The best part about the style quiz is that women are also able to get more out of the options that they have because the stylists choose outfits that are going to work out for them. The outfits are based on the style quiz and what they are able to get out of it.


For most people who are getting what they can out of the Fabletics brand, everything pays off. They are able to get more out of the options that they have because of the reverse showroom and because they are able to get sent items that they need. Everyone should consider taking the style quiz even if they think that they are not going to buy the outfits. It gives you a chance to see which ones will work great for you.


Both A Foodie Stays Fit and The Krazy Coupon Lady took the style quizzes. They were both interested in the options that Fabletics had and that prompted them to create a review that wasn’t sponsored by the company. They did this so that they could share their own opinions and not have to worry about what the company wanted them to say. It allowed them the chance to do more with the options that they had and to be able to get more out of the things that they were doing with the company.

EOS Lip Balm Reigns Supreme

EOS lip balm as a product that is just about everywhere. It is almost impossible to go into a Target grocery store or cosmetics store without seeing this type of lip balm. It has become insanely popular in a short amount of time, and the people that are the most pleased with this are part of the millennial crowd.

Teenagers and young adults are finding this to be one of the best brands of lip balm on eBay and Amazon because it is flavorful and their favorite celebrities are utilizing it. It has become something that has been endorsed by celebrities through social media.

It is not uncommon to see someone like Kim Kardashian or Miley Cyrus pulling this out of their purse. It is the brand that has managed to gain attention because it looks different. In a market where most products simply duplicate the tube shaped lip balm container, EOS broke the mold by creating a sphere shape lip balm container that was looking like something from a totally different product line.

It does not look like typical lip balm, and this may be the thing that has enticed people that have noticed it in stores. It is hard to overlook, and most people simply want to try it out for themselves. It is the lip balm that has become popular as a decoration item as well. It is relatively easy for people to utilize EOS products for decorating because it’s a decorative looking product.

This is a company that is taking a huge lead in the lip balm industry. Consumers are impressed with the variety, and they have become fans of this brand that is now overshadowing Chapstick. This is a big deal because Chapstick has been known as the industry long for as long as older people remember using lip balm.

Mike Heiligenstein Addresses MoPac as a Mobility Solution in Austin

From the analysis, the American-Statesman predicted increased traffic in Austin area. As such, they advised on the need for implementation of tech models. According to Supply Chain Digital, in response to that, Mike Heiligenstein appreciated the statesman for highlighting the issue.

Mike is an influential leader in the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, where they endeavor in addressing traffic woes. There are several mobility solutions that they implement. He cites 183A Toll Road that they constructed in Cedar Park and Leander. Clearly, the road has continually served critical roles in preventing commotion on the roads despite the population’s exponential growth.

Details Concerning the MoPac Express Project

Although it is not possible to eliminate traffic entirely, they are working towards constructing express lanes. The project aims at establishing variable tolling to help in the management of traffic flow. The system employs high-end technology, to synchronize the source and demand for easy prediction of traffic movement.

Once the project succeeds, people will find the roads being convenient for those in a hurry. That Express Lane is expected to move fast even when the other lanes could be crawling. The privately founded agency operates locally. It was initiated by the people of Williamson and Travis Counties. Their primary business is to design perfect tech concepts to curb transportation distresses.

Personal Information Concerning Mike Heiligenstein

Mike serves on the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority as the Executive Director. He attended the University of Texas for his government degrees. As well, he went further to pursue a Master’s of government, and a Master’s in business administration. Mr. Heiligenstein has been in the transit industry for some time now.

He is passionate about improving infrastructure and helping solve the traffic problems. In his service, Mike has mostly served the people of Williamson and Austin Counties. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

His extensive experience helps him a lot in coming up with solutions, as he identifies with the people’s problems. Even when the statesman raises the traffic concerns, Mike agrees with them and confesses there is a lot more that they have in store.


The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority seeks to partner with the Texas Department of Transportation. They are also inviting other parties with a stake of beating traffic problems.

Although they operate locally, they ensure maximal accountability. As well, they are solution-minded and devoted towards inclining to technology. Most importantly is that he lives in the local surrounding. He experiences the challenges, which motivates his passion for pursuing solutions.

Medical Expert – Rick Shinto

Innovacare knows that success can be accomplished by providing quality medical care to its clients. The medical institution puts more strength on employing professional to drive the growth and the stability of the organization. According to Rick Shinto, the Chairman of the organization, team work, excellent communication, good work relation, and clear vision are the recipe for success in any organization in the world. Rick Shinto has been leading the medical facility to provide transparent services as well as products to its clients. Rick says that without transparency, the firm cannot expand. Rick further mentioned that this is all about Innovacare.

Ever since its foundation, Innovacre has been experiencing tremendous growth, and it now delivers its medical services in two subsidiary facilities which are; PMC Medicare Choice Inc., and Puerto Rico: MMM Healthcare. The two medical care facilities also promote the well-being of its patients as they provide quality health services. PMC and MMM Healthcare facilities ensure 90% customer satisfaction services. In 2011, the two institutions were honored to be receiving the NCQA accreditation. The NCQA accreditation is only offered when an organization meets and exceeds the required standard by the body. Read more about Rick on Businesswire.

Rick Shinto is a leader in the healthcare sector. Rick is the President of Innovacare and brings change in the facility with his vast experience he has gained while serving in the industry. Rick Shinto has not only served in Innovacare, but he has been a leader at Aveta Inc. During his tenure in the organization, Shinto was honored the Ernst& Young Entrepreneur of the year. Ernst& Young is an award-giving team which has the primary mandate of recognizing and honoring those individuals who have shown commitment to quality in their work. After his high school graduation, Shinto joined the State University of New York where he studied and graduated with a degree in medicine. He later earned his B.S from the University of California.

After his graduation, he began his career serving in South California as an Intern. Before moving to Orange County, he acted as a Medical Management‘s Vice President. He later joined Cal Optima Health plan working as the Chief Medical Officer of the medical facility. Dr. Shinto has gained much experience in the medical industry with him serving several other institutions including Medical Pathways Management Company as the Chief Medical and Operating Officer, as well as NAMM California. Learn more at Intelius about Rick.

Dr. Richard Shinto and Innovacare Make a Difference

Dr. Richard Shinto graduated the University of California, the University of New York with a medical degree and the University of Redlands with a M.B.A. He began his career as an intern in Southern California and is now a specialist in pulmonology and internal medicine. Dr. Shinto was also Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the state of New Jersey, which is an honor that is awarded to executives who show excellence success in financial results.

Dr. Richard Shinto has over 20 years of experience in his field and is also the Chief Executive Officer for InnovaCare Health Solutions, Inc. InnovaCare credits many of their successes to Richard Shinto. He guides the company with great leadership and is a big believer of team work.

Rick Shinto believes that great communication, good working relationships and a clear vision are the characteristics that lead you to becoming a successful company. Shinto’s has years of being of a successful leader and technical experience which has helped every company he is involved with become a triumph.

In addition to his success as President of InnovaCare, Shinto previously served as Medical Management’s Vice President. He then moved onto Chief Medical Officer of Cal Optima Health Plan. Shinto has also written several works on clinical medicine. He also served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Aveta Inc. from 2008 until 2012. Read more about Rick Shinto at

Rick recently brought in three new members of the management team, one of them being the talented Penelope Kokkinides. Penelope Kokkinides is InnovaCare’s Chief Administrative Officer and previously worked as its CCO. She has several years of experience and success in clinical programs’ development. Her knowledge of health care management and operations has been a great help to InnovaCare. Dr. Shinto and Kokkinides are responsible for the Medicaid and Medicare packages that are issued by InnovaCare.

Shinto also educates his patients on healthcare awareness while offering support to their families that are dealing with an ill loved one. Because of InnovaCare, thousands of patients are now able to gain access to proper healthcare. Since Richard Shinto has taken leadership, InnovaCare has seen over 200,000 people join its membership program.

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Sawyer Howitt, Racquetball Player

Sawyer Howitt is known for his prowess in the financial markets. His small business consulting firm works with many small businesses to help them grow. While his firm won many awards and accolades in this field, he also has known to appear on the racquetball courts of Portland, Oregon. Howitt details all his court-related experiences on a WordPress blog he maintains. Anyone with a passing interest in the sport can find out how to improve his game or advice about the latest equipment.


Businessmen often use golf to network and to make deals, but it is not the only sport someone might use to achieve the same ends. Tennis games, racquetball games and steak dinners can all serve this purpose. No one must engage in golfing if he does not like doing it. Even Mark Twain called the game “an unnecessary interruption of a perfectly good walk.” There’s not much walking in the modern version, either.




UKV PLC Is The Firm To Consult For Any Wine And Champagne Needs

UKV PLC is a fine wines consultation firm based in Croydon, Surrey in the United Kingdom. UKV PLC sources its wines from Spain, Italy, and France. The company is committed to producing high-end wines and champagnes with their main brands, including Lafite Rothschild, Mouton Rothschild, Latour, and Chateau Lafite. UKV PLC also engages in the business of spirits, beers, and other alcoholic drinks.

Excellent Customer Care

UKV PLC always endeavors to provide unique and tailor made services that fit their client’s needs. The privately owned firm uses their vast and widely gathered expertise in the wine industry to guide their clients on the best wine or champagne appropriate to their occasion and need. Having emerged from an area that is well known for wine production, their customer service is top notch as hired consultants are always willing to offer face-to-face or online consultation. In a bid to find and mostly demanded wines and champagne, UKV PLC engages a large number of merchants, traders, and brokers. Their main business involves acquiring bonded fine wine, supplying to retailers, and selling wine on behalf of their private and trade clients. They supply wine for both private consumption and business investments.


UKV PLC was founded in 2015 and has over the years marked tremendous growth. Their ability to hire well-experienced consultants merged with the firm’s dedication to providing the best services has seen UKV PLC become one of the most sought after wine company. The company has increased its operations to include innovations of new wine brands that are produced in areas with a cooler climate. UKV PLC is dedicated to recruit and enlarge their clientele base as well as keep their esteemed clients well informed about their products. Thus, the firm engages their social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for this purpose.

Betsy Devos Truly Supports Education through her Giving

Giving is a very important part of civic and business related responsibility. Everyone that has the ability to amass large fortunes should be willing to give some of it back to organizations and people in need.

Whether people give their time, resources or finances; everyone (rich and poor alike) should make contributions to something outside of themselves. Betsy Devos understands this truth very well.

Betsy Devos has been giving to a lot of different groups for nearly 30 years. In 2017, President Donald Trump selected her to become the 11th United States Secretary of Education of the United States. This is a very important achievement for Secretary Devos. Being the U.S. Secretary of Education gives her the greater ability to make more meaningful donations in an area of society that she is passionate about.

Betsy Devos is also married to Dick Devos who is a leading Republican Party financier. Devos and her husband had started the Dick and Betsy Devos Foundation back in 1990.

This organization is located in the Grand Rapids area and it provides donations to various groups and causes in Michigan and around the country. They primarily focus their contributions in the area of civic, artistic, religious, educational, community and free-market groups.

Betsy (and her husband) has given nearly $140 million dollars during the course of the organization. Devos is the daughter-in-law of Richard Devos, the former co-founder and leader of Amway. Her contributions with Richard, adds up to over $1.3 billion dollars for over a 30-year period. The other Devos siblings have also made contributions to help reach that dollar amount as well. Visit to know more about Betsy.

Many of the institutions that Betsy gives to are education based. She provides funding for many schools because she is very passionate about education. Betsy (and her husband) realizes that education is very important for people changing their economic and life circumstances. She is also deeply religious and believes that schools have replaced the church with its influence on the family.

Some of the receiving organizations of Betsy’s charitable contributions includes West Michigan Aviation Academy, Grand Rapids Christian Schools, University of Maryland College Park Foundation, Davenport University, Grand Rapids Community College Foundation, Xprize Foundation and Wake Forest University. Other organizations include Kids Hope USA, New Urban Living and Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan.

Arts funding is a very important aspect of giving for the Devos. They enjoy contributing to various arts related organizations and groups inside of the city of Grand Rapids and around the state of Michigan.

Betsy Devos really enjoys helping the residents of Michigan as well as other American people all over the country. Now that she is the U.S. Secretary of Education, her giving is expected to increase and to become more effective.

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